Timber Purchasing

Richton Tie and Timber is built on the company's proven ability to purchase timber for many mills that have chosen the Southeast as home for their operations. Richton Tie & Timber is Mississippi’s first company to sell wood to mills through the lumber dealer system, a process that includes buying wood at railroad sidings and loading it into boxcars. Many of these same yards are still in use today as large concentration yards that store timber under sprinkler systems for inventory during extended wet periods.

 Our company’s foresters and woodyards are strategically located in order to purchase timber from geographically different areas of the state. This provides our markets to be available to area landowners who wish to sell their timber, and also a steady supply of timber to the many mills that call Mississippi home.

  Pricing for lumber is based on size, quality, and other aspects of the wood lot such as terrain, location, etc. As a third-generation land, timber and real estate operation, Richton Tie & Timber is competitive in its pricing and dedicated to the many customers it serves.




   Keilan Smith

   Mobile, AL

     Phone:   (251) 401-1851  

     Email: ksmith@rttllc.com

   Mike West

   State Line, MS

     Phone:   (601) 270-6066  

     Email:   mwest@rttllc.com

   Owen Cole

   Collins, MS 

     Phone: (601) 517-0260  

     Email:   ocole@rttllc.com

   Lake Thoms

   Newton, MS

     Phone:  (601) 209-6834 

     Email:   lthoms@rttllc.com  

   Tony Callahan

   Starkville, MS

     Phone:   (662) 418-4201

     Email:   tcallahan@rttllc.com

   Devin Snowden

   Meridian, MS

     Phone:  (601) 938-0255  

     Email:   dsnowden@rttllc.com

   Shayne Mayatt

   Meridian, MS

     Phone: (601) 513-3009

     Email:   smayatt@rttllc.com



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     Hattiesburg (GL)

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     Hattiesburg (LP)

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